The need for life changing and effective children’s ministry in the developing world is great. There are many churches and leaders hungry to teach and train children, but many don’t have the resources or knowledge available to do it.

Maximizing Children’s Ministries International (MCMINTL) exists to assist churches in the developing world to provide innovative children’s ministries tailored to meet the needs of their communities. We partner with churches to help them realize their full potential in children's ministry. Our aim is to fully equip, train and encourage children’s ministry leaders that they may engage in sustainable, effective and relevant children’s ministry in their churches and communities.

Maximizing Children’s Ministries believes that children are a vital component of the church body. As active and productive members the church, we believe that it is vital to teach kids the Word of God, creatively engage them, love them, equip them for serving, and create an environment where they can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Children are the key to breaking the generational cycles that hold back nations.

Our goal is not to simply grow the children’s ministry, but grow the church as well, working through the child to reach the whole family. Maximizing Children's Ministries helps churches partner with parents so that both work together for the spiritual growth of the child.

One of the important aspects of Maximizing Children’s Ministries' mission is continued support and development. Our objective to not just intervene for a limited time, but to provide a consistent source of support and development. In addition to training, Maximizing Children's Ministries offers financial and practical resources to churches. This allows churches with the heart to do children’s ministry but lacking the resources the opportunity to reach children in their area.

Maximizing Children’s Ministries International is an IRS recognized non-profit organization based out of the United States of America and currently working in South America and Africa.