Project Playground saves US playgrounds destined for the landfill and refurbishes, recycles and replants them in 
communities and churches throughout the developing world. 

Why Aren't There Playgrounds Over There?

In a word, they cost a bunch of money. The average playground in the US costs $75,000, and it's not hard for the price to eclipse $100,000. With the added costs of construction and overseas transportation, prices are beyond the reach of the capital resources of most all the communities and churches in the developing world. 

How Does MCM Get Playgrounds?

Due to liabilities, most cities must upgrade to new equipment every ten years. Maximizing Children's Ministries gives cities another option apart from demolishing the equipment.  Replanting the playground recycles tons of metal and plastic instead of it sitting in a landfill.  Maximizing Children's Ministries severs all liability from the previous owners and assumes all liability themselves, protecting the original owners.

Where Does MCM Place Playgrounds?


We recycle playgrounds to locations where they will be cared for and maintained by people that we know and with people that care about their communities. These playgrounds are excellent tools for churches in communities who genuinely love ministry to children and want to make a difference in their lives.

In 2017, Maximizing Children's Ministries planted playgrounds in Mamanki, Sierra Leone and Lungi, Sierra Leone. In 2017 Maximizing Children's Ministries also planted two playgrounds in Managua, Nicaragua and another in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

In 2016, Maximizing Children's Ministries planted two playgrounds in Kumasi, Ghana and another playground in Santa Ana, El Salvador.

In 2015, Maximizing Children's Ministries planted a playground in Cotuí, Dominican Republic.

In 2014, Maximizing Children's Ministries planted two playgrounds.  One now stands in Popa Falls, Namibia, and the other in Xakao, Botswana.  

In 2012, Maximizing Children's Ministries planted a playground in San Buenaventura, Bolivia.  Approximately 350 children and 150 adults attended the inaugural playground service.  A church has now started on the property.

In 2010, Maximizing Children's Ministries built a temporary playground for an emergency shelter for rescued babies in Maun, Botswana.

In 2008, Maximizing Children’s Ministries built a large community playground in El Alto, Bolivia. 

We invite you to be a part of the great things happening through Maximizing Children's Ministries.  Help us bring these playgrounds throughout the world where children will enjoy them for years to come!